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Mission Statement

At BTCD Consulting our agenda and goal is excellence.

At BTCD, our deal sources are numerous. As such, BTCD Consulting strives to deliver the highest quality deal stream to our clients. Our VC backed deal sourcing can offer sophisticated investors a chance to have access to promising Blockchain and Fintech Startups. We further offer valuable advisory service to founders that can turbo-charge their business.

In addition, our resources include connections with vetted OTC desks. We also offer valuable business plan creation, reputation management, and digital marketing service.

If you have a startup or an established business and need to increase your revenue, expand your market share, or attract investors look no further then BTCD, we’ll help your business fly.

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Our Services

Full list of services and competencies that we can provide

OTC Bitcoin Trade Facilitation

Cryptocurrency Listing

Digital Marketing

Lead Generation

Business Development

Startup Advisory

Investor outreach


Social Media Channel Monetization


Equity Investment Sale Facilitation

Crypto Token Community Management

Business Plan Creation

PDF Deck Creation

White Paper Creation


About our OTC Bitcoin Trading Capabilities

At BTCD, we pride ourselves on helping our clients in the most efficient way possible. As such, we have established relationships with the most qualified and regulated trading desks, in Switzerland and the USA, which guarantee clean, effective, and pleasant service and transactions.

Startup Advisory and Investors outreach

All of us, at BTCD, have been founders of startups and successful businesses. As such, we have a combined fourty-year experience at running and fundraising for a new business. To further serve our clients, we have established relationships with quality: VCs, accelerators, angel investors, and family offices that look to fund and nurture new and exciting businesses. We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.

About our Targeted Business Development, Investors outreach, and Lead Generation Process

We have over ten years of professional business development, investor relations, sales strategy, market share expansion, lead generation, CRM, marketing, branding, sales management, and social media experience. We have established networks on LinkedIn totaling over 10,000 contacts, and we are constantly increasing this number to serve both our and our client’s needs. Industries we have served so far have included: blockchain, crypto currency, forex, SaaS, manufacturing, and music.

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Client Acquisition

Lead Generation Offer

Deep client and market analysis leading to a creation of a target list of companies which will be a great fit for your business as clients. We will update this list throughout the course of our partnership with you.

Twenty new clients, companies, and/or investors contacted daily through such methods as:

  • • Social Media (including: LinkedIn, Telegram, and if necessary, Facebook).
  • • Cold Calling
  • • Outbound/Inbound follow-up
  • • Email marketing

Complete record of all actions, all companies contacted, and conversations through the use of CRM, Excel, or Google technologies.

Lead Generation Offer and coverage in such markets as: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa (as well as other, English speaking, African countries), the Middle East, Scandinavian region, India, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Western Europe. In general, we have a very deep experience of doing client acquisition in the entire English-speaking world, so anywhere where English is spoken and understood, will be an area we can cover. Our English is that of a native speaker (US accent), so we will have a good way to connect to all of our leads.

We can apply similar tactics to connecting to investors as to the client acquisition. We have experience doing this and can connect to investors in much the same way throughout the entire English-speaking world.

Biographies of Founders

Ilya Dobrovitsky


Ilya Dobrovitsky has over ten years experience generating business and leading startups. He has worked in the USA and the EU, and brings experience from such sectors as: Blockchain, SaaS, Manufacturing, and Music.

Alex Berstein


Lawyer with 20 years experience, specific focus on fintech and proptech matters, LL.M Cambridge, MBA Drake University, location: Munich, Germany

Sash Jeetun


Sash comes with an extensive experience in research, investment, business development, strategy and management.

Mohammed Naquib


Mohammed Naquib is the Head of Blockchain Strategy at BTCD and is a Technical Consultant in the field of Crypto Assets. He advises a number of startups and organizations in different domains of DLT.

Brian J. Esposito


Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity - Founder | CEO | Investor | Board Member | Advisor | Public Speaker. Heavy holdings in music, technology, retail, hospitality, space, IoT, blockchain, and many more industries.

Robert Salmon

Director of Business Development

Robert Salmon is a business development and transformation leader with more than 30 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience. Management and Business Development experience in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America and Europe. Qualified in Digital Business Transformation and Electronic Engineering.

Gokul Alex

VP of Engineering

Gokul Alex is a Digital Transformation and Distributed Ledger Technology expert with over 20 years of experience in designing world-class enterprise architectures for Government & Public Sector, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Energy & Utility, Electronics Industry sectors and building Digital Innovation Labs for Fortune 500 MNCs such as PwC, EY, IBM, UST Global, etc.

Kinnari Deobhankar Shah


Kinnari has an extensive experience in Financial and Business Planning for Start-Ups. Over a span of 10+ years she has successfully completed business and financial advisory projects involving preparation of top-notch Business Plans and Pitch-Decks.

Adrian Schneuwly

Senior Developer

Experienced blockchain developer, digital entrepreneur, and crypto invester.

Xinshuai (Hsiang) Xiang


Hsiang is an experienced Blockchain/DeFi/Ethereum/DApp/Smart Contract engineer, enthusiast and invester, also an open-minded, thoughtful and creative explorer.

Francisco J. Ferrão

Director of Finance

C Level executive with more than 20 year’s experience. Natural born leader, highly motivated, with a very enquiring mind very passioned for excellence, science and innovation. Mindset on embracing obstacles, smart decision maker.

Vladimir Solomakha


Vladimir has twenty years of experience in internet marketing and web development, with a wealth of experience in: SEO, frontend, backend, website optimization, improvement of usability, functional settings, and factors that affect user behavior. Vladimir is a founder, co-founder, CTO, and CMO of a number of digital marketing agencies, consultant for online casinos and commercial projects, favorite brainchild of IDMA.Ltd.